Are you interested in joining the newly established, independent BVI Recovery and Development Agency (BVIRDA) to lead the recovery and development of the British Virgin Islands, following the disastrous impact of the 2017 hurricanes?

The disasters resulted in widespread destruction to infrastructure and human capital, with a total economic loss to the BVI of approximately $3bn. The RDA will utilise public, private and philanthropic investment to deliver innovative projects to build a stronger, better and greener BVI. It will report to the House of Assembly through the RDA Board.  A focus on delivering results, in terms of ambitious returns on investment and value for money, will be key to success.

Deputy Chair

The Deputy Chair will be a part-time appointment that provides policy level support on disaster recovery to the Chairman and board members of the BVI RDA. This individual should possess the requisite acumen in large scale recovery efforts, with a proven track record of successful leadership skills, technical expertise in disaster recovery, innovation and strategy. In their support role of the Chairman, the Deputy Chair must also be capable and willing to take on the responsibility of the Chair in their absence.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Serves as Chairman to the in the absence of the Chairman.
  2. Deputises the Chairman.
  3. Provides support to the Chairman at the board level on strategic policy matters in respect to Recovery and Development issues.

Qualifications, Experience, and Traits

  1. Must have served in a senior position in a complex endeavor (such as managing a private sector organisation that does multinational business, a public sector organization that has responsibilities for cross border regulatory or business matters, or a private or public sector organisation that treats with complex technical subjects in law, finance etc for a period of time of not less than ten (10) years within the last three (3) years.
  2. It is preferable that this individual would have extensive experience in disaster recovery, strategic management, and engagement with investors/donors.
  3. Must be recognised for high integrity, civic-mindedness and objectivity in the execution of their duties.
  4. Must have significant interest in the BVI.
  5. Cannot be a current or past holder of political office.

 Academic Qualifications

  1. Must have a at least an undergraduate level degree in management, finance, engineering business , law or the sciences.

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit an application letter and CV to express their interest in the Deputy Chair role. They will be able to arrange a call to discuss the opportunity ahead of their submission. Calls can be scheduled by contacting

Submissions must include a full disclosure of interests, including ownership of all assets and personal and family connections relevant to the BVI and specifically to recovery. Applications for the role of Deputy Chair should be submitted by 26th February, 2018 to