Marine Base

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Marine Base

Police and customs store their boats and coordinate marine operations from the
Marine Base on Tortola. Damage to the roof and interior of the base has
impacted the ability of the police and customs to carry out operations at sea.
This is one of the many ways in which the security infrastructure of the islands
has been impacted.


STATUS: Planning


Ministry Partner: Governor’s Group

Project Number: 177

Project Start Date: February 2019

Projected End Date: TBC

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The RDA is currently studying different options, in collaboration with the police, customs and relevant ministries to determine which approach to repairing the facility will result in the best value for money to meet their requirements.



Repairs to the marine base will provide an effective operations base for the marine police and customs and secure storage for their vessels up to eight. This in turn will bolster border control, safety at sea and security for citizens.


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BUDGET: To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.



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