The Government of the Virgin Islands through the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) has signed a contract with Tortola Paving Ltd. to supply Asphaltic Concrete Works across six road project sites.

The contract for the sum of $390,857.50 will supply and install asphalt at the Little Dix Hill, Hope Hill to Sabbath Hill, Bob’s Gas Station, Great Mountain I, (Upper), Great Mountain II (Lower) and Ballast Bay slope stabilization and road rehabilitation project sites. 

This project will complete the extensive road works executed at those sites by local contractors who have completed critical slope stabilization and road rehabilitation works to include subsurface works, retaining infrastructure and concrete works.

Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities, Honourable Kye Rymer said, “The vision for the road network throughout the Territory is to have first class roads.  Within the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities, we are working to see that come to fruition.  We are working in tandem with the RDA and we are proud to have arrived at this phase to completion.”

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Recovery and Development Agency Mr. Anthony McMaster expressed his pleasure in signing the contract to allow the works to progress to completion.

“I would like to thank Tortola Paving Ltd. for winning this contract and having the opportunity to work with the RDA to complete these works on behalf of the people of this Territory,” said Mr. McMaster.

“We are under strenuous times now with the uprise in Covid-19 cases in the Territory so I implore upon you to follow all health protocols established by Ministry to ensure safety is a priority,” added the RDA’s CEO.

Kimberly Ritter, Director of Tortola Paving Ltd. said, in keeping with their slogan, “We intend to provide you with amazing smooth rides on your roads.”

The project was tendered through the RDA’s National Competitive Bidding process acting on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Works and Utilities.  Funding is provided through the Government of the Virgin Islands, CDB Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Loan.

Motorists are notified that they may experience road interruptions at respective sites when the paving begins.  Persons are asked to stay tuned to media outlets and social media, in particular the Government’s and RDA’s Facebook and Instagram pages and websites for road closure advisories.

The Ministry of Transportation Works and Utilities and the RDA thanks the public in advance for its cooperation and patience as the Government works diligently to improve the road network in the Virgin Islands


The asphaltic works include, but are not limited to the following:


Length of Asphaltic Works

Great Mountain Site #1

240 m2

Great Mountain Site #2

1024 m2

Bob’s Gas Station

217 m2

Little Dix Hill

384 m2

Lower Hope Hill to Sabbath Hill

1180 m2

Ballast Bay

720 m2




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