Derelict Boat Removal

Repair 30 Homes


Derelict boats have littered shorelines throughout the islands for the past two
years. Many of these abandoned boats are located in safe anchorages and hurricane holes; removing them is vital to ensure other boats have access to these locations in hurricane season, as well as being an important part of the general clean up and beautification of the islands to bolster the quality of the tourism offering.

STATUS: Procurement Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour, and Immigration

Project Number: 133

Project Start Date: October 2018

Projected End Date: TBC

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Removing derelict boats is a complicated process. The RDA has worked with the VI Shipping Registry and Ports Authority, to first identify each vessel and acquire the authority to remove them. The next step is to create a staging site and then transport the vessels to the site by barge. Once at the site, vessels will be dismantled and the different materials separated according to those that can be recycled on island, those that can be recycled off island, those that will be incinerated and those that may have to be landfilled or exported for processing.


204 derelict boats that have been an eyesore since the hurricanes will be cleared in an environmentally responsible manner. Access to hurricane anchorages restored. Removing these vessels will significantly enhance the appearance of
shorelines and add to the tourism appeal of the Virgin Islands.


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BUDGET:  To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.


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