The RDA is very open to provide information for the work they are asking for.  Everything is available to you.  Its left to you, to have it within you, to do it for yourself.  I would encourage any contractor out there to attend a bidder’s conference, make notes and ask questions.  RDA is there for everyone.

Scott MaynardMaynard Construction

The Procurement Workshops help us stay at the cutting edge on what is coming out, what opportunities there are, what you need to do with your bids, and it gives you a good networking opportunity. Everything happens here at the RDA Workshop.

Dawn CrabbeAutland Heavy Equipment Ltd.

Communication is the precursor of healthy relationships that define a Territory’s success. The Recovery and Development Agency is a shining example of this.  They have been the facilitators in many ways of our restorative efforts and I want to thank them on behalf of the Community, the Government and myself personally.  The team exemplifies quality workmanship, and ingenuity.

Sheereen Flax CharlesJunior Minister for Trade and Economic Development and Territorial At Large Representative

I’m actually taking a project management class this semester. So far everything we covered in class I learnt during my time at the RDA. I just wanted to let you know I’m very grateful for the experience and knowledge I was able to acquire while working with you guys.

Malik Corum2019 Intern