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Tortola’s main high school, Elmore Stoutt High School, was destroyed in the 2017 hurricanes. As a result, the secondary education of 1,600 children have been negatively impacted. For two years following the hurricanes, the school was relocated to temporary facilities at Clarence Thomas Ltd, where conditions were hot, noisy and overcrowded, with some classes held in tents. Due to the lack of space, a shift system was implemented, with students attending school in either the morning or the afternoon.



STATUS: Delivery Underway

Ministry Partner: Ministry of Education, Culture, and Youth Affairs, Fisheries and Agriculture.

Project Number: 146 & 147

Project Start Date: May 2019

Projected End Date: August 2019

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The RDA is working with the Ministry of Education to remedy the situation in two phases. The immediate priority is to improve learning conditions and put an end to the shift system. The longer term goal is to rebuild the high school as a  mart, modern facility where Tortola’s youth can receive a quality education.



620 tons of debris have been cleared from the ESHS campus, paving the way for a new high school to be built.

Renovation of 36 classrooms and staff room, including repair to A/C, replace doors and install a new ceiling installed for improved sound control, and new lighting and electrical connections.

Four pre-fabricated modular classrooms have been installed on the ESHS campus. These will allow music lessons to resume in a sound-isolated space, with minimal disturbance to other students.

These, along with Government implemented renovations to the existing L- shaped building at ESHS will ensure the 1,600 students no longer have to attend school in shifts. Junior High students will return to ESHS and Senior High students will continue to attend classes at CTL for a full day of education in much improved conditions that will ensure quality education can be delivered from
September 2019.





ESHS Contracted Demolition

Evaluating Value for Money

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Did you attend Elmore Stoutt High School? Do you have a friend or family member that is attending ESHS?

We need to end the shift system and deliver improved education for future generations.

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BUDGET: $659,212

$100,000 received as a donation from Maples Group.  $250,000 United BVI contribution.  $21,204 BVI Alliance.  $230,543 Government of the VI.