Incinerator repairs and improvements

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The unprecedented volume of debris generated by the hurricanes put the incinerator at Pockwood Pond under immense pressure and highlighted the need for improved management of the island’s waste. The incinerator had been lacking a scrubber – a device that filters noxious fumes from the exhaust – prior to the hurricane, and with the increase in waste that was being processed in the weeks and months after, residents were feeling the effects of the contaminants in the air. The RDA is cleaning the building to ride it of mold and will work on the redevelopment utilizing CDB funding.

STATUS: Delivery Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Project Number: 186/187/188

Project Start Date: TBC

Projected End Date: TBC

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The RDA is supporting the Ministry with improvements and development of the site in three areas:
1) To procure a team to install the new scrubber, which has been purchased by the Ministry.
2) To dismantle the old incinerator and clear the site to facilitate its redevelopment.
3) To provide the mechanical, electrical and plumbing designs necessary to install and operate a new incinerator, should the Ministry’s Waste Management Strategy conclude that a new incinerator is required.

RDA has conducted a series of cleanings to remove mould from the site to improve the working conditions for staff and public accessing services from the building.





The installation of a scrubber will reduce pollution from incinerated waste, and residents of Tortola – and particularly West End – will enjoy better air quality.

Once a new incinerator is in operation, the overall management of waste will be more efficient, with less waste being landfilled and therefore a reduced possibility of garbage fires producing noxious smoke.

The demolition of the old incinerator also clears 3,500 feet 2 space, for improved waste management facilities to be installed, in accordance with the Ministry strategy for waste management.

Incinerator Repairs and Improvements

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BUDGET:  To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.