Are you interested in joining the newly established, independent BVI Recovery and Development Agency (BVIRDA) to lead the recovery and development of the British Virgin Islands, following the disastrous impact of the 2017 hurricanes?

The disasters resulted in widespread destruction to infrastructure and human capital, with a total economic loss to the BVI of approximately $3bn. The RDA will utilise public, private and philanthropic investment to deliver innovative projects to build a stronger, better and greener BVI. It will report to the House of Assembly through the RDA Board.  A focus on delivering results, in terms of ambitious returns on investment and value for money, will be key to success.


The Chief Executive Officer will be a full-time appointment to provide executive leadership to the RDA to deliver the BVI recovery and development plan.  The CEO will need to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, empowering and motivating their planning and operations teams to effect a transformation that is consistent with the RDA’s vision, long-term plans and annual goals.  They will need to show the acumen to drive innovation, growth and demonstrable impact.

The CEO will lead the BVIRDA and be responsible for the development and implementation of budgets, plans and programmess as approved by the Board,  ensuring that the BVI Recovery and Development Plan is implemented efficiently and within the timeframe given. This individual should be a highly motivated forward thinker, who is recognised as a strong, balanced leader, with a track record for getting things done, solving complex problems and motivating their support team. The CEO will report directly to the Board and will be required to:

  • Account to, and carry out the directions of the Board and ensure that the plans of the BVIRDA are implemented.
  • Oversee the operations of the BVIRDA to ensure that its multiple internal mandates are carried out in an effective, efficient and expeditious manner.
  • Look to the future for change opportunities to assist the BVIRDA in meeting its mandate.
  • Formulate policies and planning recommendations to the Board.
  • Oversee the operations of the BVIRDA to ensure that its multiple internal mandates are carried out in an effective, efficient and expeditious manner.
  • Ensure staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information.
  • Interface between the Board and team members and support motivation of employees in organisation initiatives and operations.


  1. Lead the BVIRDA support team to deliver investments in accordance with the BVI Recovery and Development Plan and direction of the Board.
  2. Lead operational, planning, legal and fund-raising teams to deliver value for money investments, delivering the intended results for economic recovery and development (a Stronger, Better and Greener BVI).
  3. Support operations and administration of Board by advising and informing Board members on the BVI Recovery and Development Plan, interfacing between the Board and staff, and supporting the Board’s evaluation of senior executives.
  4. Oversee development of full business cases to deliver the Recovery and Development Plan. This will include evidence based planning, consultations with key stakeholders including BVI Government officials, experts, commissioning research and presenting options and business cases to the Board.
  5. Recommend yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages the organisation’s fiscal resources within those budget guidelines.
  6. Effectively manage the resources of the organisation according to authorised policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations.
  7. Responsibility for identifying and classifying staff positions in the BVIRDA, which are not designated senior management positions to which he or she shall, subject to the approval of the Board, appoint suitably qualified persons.
  8. Ensure the Agency and its mission and programmes are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders.
  9. Oversee fund-raising planning and implementation in support of Board directives, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals to the board and administrating fund-raising records and documentation.
  10. Other duties that the Board of directors may deem as appropriate.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Senior management experience with a demonstrated ability to oversee, motivate and collaborate with staff.
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership in an intercultural environment, able to convey a vision of the Agency’s strategic future to diverse staff and stakeholders, and ready to lead as an agent of change.
  • Sound organisational skills including planning, delegating, programme development and task facilitation.
  • Excellent social and intercultural communication skills, methodological competence for facilitating participatory processes, and strong public speaking ability in international settings.

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit an application letter and CV to express their interest in being considered for the role of CEO.  The letter should include a full disclosure of interests, including ownership of all assets and personal and family connections relevant to the BVI and specifically to recovery.

Applications should to be submitted by 4th May, 2018 to: