Are you interested in joining the newly established, independent BVI Recovery and Development Agency (BVIRDA) to lead the recovery and development of the British Virgin Islands, following the disastrous impact of the 2017 hurricanes?

The disasters resulted in widespread destruction to infrastructure and human capital, with a total economic loss to the BVI of approximately $3bn. The RDA will utilise public, private and philanthropic investment to deliver innovative projects to build a stronger, better and greener BVI. It will report to the House of Assembly through the RDA Board.  A focus on delivering results, in terms of ambitious returns on investment and value for money, will be key to success.


The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) will be a full-time appointment to provide executive leadership to the RDA, responsible for all financial management functions of the agency. The CFO will lead a small agile finance team to provide timely and authoritative financial support to assist in the development and implementation of strategic and operational objectives of the BVI recovery and development plan.

The CFO will report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will have primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of the Agency. This will include direct responsibility for accounting, finance, forecasting, strategic planning, job costing, property management, deal analysis and negotiations, investor relationships and partnership compliance and private and institutional financing. The CFO will also be expected to contribute at a strategic level, not only providing financial control but supporting decision-making and ensuring that resources are allocated in alignment with strategic priorities.


  1. Advise the CEO and Board on policy, strategy and decision making relating to financial and commercial management in support of the BVI Recovery and Development Plan.
  2. Ensure that the financial management controls of  the BVIRDA are adequate.
  3. Ensure credibility of the BVIRDA’s fiscal reporting by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts.
  4. Take a hands-on lead position in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive job cost system; and especially so in the development of the business cases that will be required to fund and implement the various initiatives of the BVI Recovery and development plan.
  5. Direct and oversee all aspects of the finance & accounting functions of the BVIRDA.
  6. Establish and maintain strong relationships with senior executives so as to identify their needs and seek the full range of business solutions associated with the BVI Recovery and Development Plan.
  7. Provide executive management with advice on the financial implications of the various activities of the Agency.
  8. Manage processes for financial forecasting, budgets and consolidation and reporting to the Board.
  9. Provide recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance of the Agency and the fulfillment of its mandate.
  10. Ensure that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance with International Financial Accounting Standards.

Qualifications and Requirements and Personal Attributes:

  • BS in Accounting or Finance, MBA and/or CPA.
  • Senior management experience in financial leadership roles preferable in banking, investment or government.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organisation.
  • Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses.
  • High level of integrity and dependability with a strong sense of urgency and results-orienta
  • Sound organisational skills including planning, delegating, programme development and task facilitation, with a demonstrated ability to oversee, motivate and collaborate with staff.

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit an application letter and CV to express their interest in being considered for the role of CFO.  The letter should include a full disclosure of interests, including ownership of all assets and personal and family connections relevant to the BVI and specifically to recovery.

Applications should to be submitted by 4th May, 2018 to: