Repair of JVD Admin Building

Repair 30 Homes


The Jost van Dyke Administration Complex houses the immigration and customs offices, the police station and the District Officer who coordinates public services on island. Damage to the building halved the working space available and destroyed the police accommodation. Although officials continued to provide these services, the challenging conditions has inevitably affected the quality of services and thus the experience of the public – in particular the experience of the more than 65,000 tourists who visit and use JVD as the first port of entry to the Virgin Islands.

Reconstruction of the police accommodation has now provided the RVIPF with a facility to deploy officers to JVD, to provide local residents and visitors with continuous, fully-staffed police force able to protect their safety and security at all times. The lack of functioning police cells also impeded the work of the police.

STATUS: Completed


Ministry Partner: Governor’s Group

Project Number: 183

Project Start Date: July 2018

Projected End Date: August 2019

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Extensive repairs have been carried out to roofs, walls, windows, police cell, electrical and plumbing systems, interiors and furniture to restore the building to full capacity.

Working on a series of mold cleaning to improve health conditions, whilst planning for redevelopment is underway.



Working conditions for public officials have been improved and enhanced the cross-agency work between various authorities on Jost Van Dyke. Reconstruction of the police offices and cell has enhanced security for the 300 residents and 65,000 visitors. Residents and tourists now receive an efficient service and a positive experience when seeking public administration and immigration services for tourists arriving directly on island.


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BUDGET :  $920,004

$291,987 received as a contribution from UK Government.


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