Repair homes

Repair 30 Homes


With so much of the housing stock damaged or destroyed by the hurricanes, the Ministry of Health and Social Development launched the Housing Recovery Programme to provide grants, loans and funding to help vulnerable families rebuild their houses. The RDA is working with the Ministry to implement aspects of the programme.


STATUS: Delivery Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Health and Social Development

Project Number: 157

Project Start Date: TBC

Projected End Date: TBC

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The RDA is working with the Ministry to help deliver the programme by:

Supporting the Ministry to conduct a social and technical assessment of the families/households that applied for assistance, to determine those that qualify for assistance. Repairing one home in Virgin Gorda. This home was on the list to receive a temporary home, but it was determined that making the existing structure watertight and providing it with basic utilities would result in greater value for money. Implementing repairs to homes confirmed as eligible through the assessment process, once funding is available.


The specific needs of the qualifying families will be assessed and basic repairs will be made to providing them with basic watertight shelter and access to basic utilities including water, electricity and sanitation..


One of the core roles of the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) is ensuring Value for Money (VfM) in the delivery of programmes and projects aimed toward recovery and development of the Virgin Islands.


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BUDGET: To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.