The Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) Board hereby issues a formal request for proposals from suitable individuals or companies. This is for a short-term assignment to develop the communications capability and support the delivery of communications on behalf of the newly established RDA. More details on the assignment can be found in the Terms of Reference (ToR). The proposal should include the following components:

  • Comments on the ToR
  • CV for the candidate
  • Budget covering fees and all related expenses to complete the task

The Implementation Task Force will convene a procurement committee to review proposals and each proposal will be scored on the basis of 60% on the technical competence of the proposal based on the CV submitted and 40% on the budget based on the lowest budget being scoring the total at 40%.

Interested companies or individuals are to submit a proposal by the 24 June 2018 to the Head of the Implementation Task Force Mr. Neil Smith:

The Terms of Reference for the Communications Adviser is set out below.

The Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency Act (Act No 1 of 2018) presents a very clear role for the government to lead the process of planning the recovery and presenting the Recovery and Development Plan (RDP) to the House of Assembly for approval. The RDA law also provides a clear role for the RDA to lead on implementing the recovery plan as an independent structure to deliver the recovery plan, in partnership with the government. Despite this clarity in the law, there is limited understanding of the role and added value of the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA), both internally within the BVIG and more broadly amongst the BVI public. It is important to promote a clear understanding of the role of the RDA in order to provide a solid foundation for the success of the recovery process.

The reputation of the RDA will be shaped in the first few months after the passing of the law. Therefore it is critical in the early days for the RDA to have delivered and effectively communicated that the RDA:

  • is a fully functioning institution
  • has successfully delivered a number of the top priority recovery projects

The Communications Adviser will play a leading role to ensure the RDA is able to start effectively communicating from the outset of the establishment of the RDA.

Overall Objective
Develop and support the RDA to implement a clear communications strategy on the role of the RDA and the progress on establishing a fully functional institution that has successfully delivered a number of key priority recovery projects.

Specific Objectives

  • Liaise closely with the Government Information Services to ensure a strong collaborative relationship for coordinated communications on the recovery.
  • Following consultations with key stakeholders develop a comprehensive RDA communications strategy to be approved by the RDA Board.
  • Lead the delivery of the communications strategy, including development and delivery of clear lines and messaging on behalf of the RDA within the government structures and externally with the public, private sector and civil society.
  • Focal point for media (newspapers, radio and social media) to proactively engage with the media on the messaging on behalf of the RDA.
  • Support RDA staff and board members to ensure coherent messaging on the RDA.


  • Communications strategy with work plan for implementation, within two weeks, to be approved by the RDA Board.
  • Delivery of schedule of communications as per the work plan.
  • Prepare key briefing papers, progress updates and detailed project case studies to demonstrate the value of the RDA to various key audiences utilising appropriate media.
  • Weekly progress updates on RDA communications disseminated to the RDA Board.

An initial three month contract for individual Communications Adviser (approximately 66 days).


  • Experienced communications and media professional with more than 10 years’ experience delivering effective communications on behalf of a governmental, private sector or non-governmental organisation.
  • Proven track record in the successful design and delivery of a complex communications strategy on behalf of an organisation.
  • Relevant qualifications in media and/or communications.
  • Previous professional experience and cultural understanding of countries and media landscape in the Caribbean.
  • Ideally expert will be based in or from the Caribbean region.