The Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) Board hereby issues a formal request for proposals from suitable individuals or companies. This is for a short-term assignment to develop the human resource capability of the newly established RDA. More detail on the assignment can be found in the Terms of Reference (ToR) outlined below. The proposal should include the following components:

  • Comments on the ToR
  • CVs for both candidates
  • Budget covering fees and all related expenses to complete the task.

The Implementation Task Force will convene a procurement committee to review proposals and each proposal will be scored on the basis of 60% on the technical competence of the proposal based on the CVs submitted and 40% on the budget based on the lowest budget being scoring the total at 40%.

Interested companies or individuals are to submit a proposal by the 24 June 2018 to the Head of the Implementation Task Force Mr. Neil Smith:

The Terms of Reference for Establishment of the Agency Human Resources Capability is outlined below.

The Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) Act (No. 1/2018) was passed in April 2018. The RDA has been tasked with delivering the Recovery and Development Plan (RDP) to be finalised by the government and approved by the House of Assembly. The RDA Board has been established and is fully operational meeting once a week. The Board has appointed a small team of six persons under the Implementation Task Force (ITF) to progress with the establishment of a fully operational RDA Agency. The ITF has also been tasked with leading on the delivery of quick win priority projects, prior to the finalisation of the RDP and the establishment of a fully operational RDA Agency.

The establishment of a human resource capability within the Agency is a priority, to enable the Agency to recruit, contract and manage a team of staff and experts to resource the Agency. The ITF is seeking a team of individual consultants or nominated experts from a suitably qualified company within the BVI to be contracted for this assignment.

Overall Objective
The development of a human resource capability within the Agency, including the drafting of all relevant systems and the recruitment and contracting of the core team of staff and experts to enable the Agency to be fully operational.

Specific Objectives
The following detailed objectives need to be achieved within the three month contract:

  • Draft all human resource policies, procedures and templates for the Agency and finalise based on feedback and comment from the ITF and/or Board.
  • Finalise the Job Descriptions and organisation chart for the Agency based on technical input from the ITF, for approximately up to 20 core staff.
  • Establish terms and conditions for all staff and payscales, drawing on comparators from the region (such as the Dominica Recovery Agency), and finalise based on approval from the Board.
  • Advertise, select, recruit and contract the core Agency team.
  • Establish ongoing structure and procedures for the human resource team in the Agency to manage human resources once core team and systems in place, including any reliance on contracted-out human resource support services.

The consultancy team will report through the Senior Human Resource Expert (Team Leader) to the Head of the ITF.

The consultancy team will produce a work plan to deliver the specific objectives over the three month period within one week of commencing the assignment. The key deliverables will be:

  • Approved human resource policies, procedures and templates (including contract templates).
  • Approved organisation chart, job descriptions, pay scales and terms and conditions.
  • Recruited and contracted team of core staff for the Agency.

The consultancy will require up to 45 days of input from a senior human resource expert and up to 66 days of input from a junior human resource officer, or an equivalent combination of days from an individual or team as proposed.

Qualifications and Experience
The two experts are required to have the following qualifications and experience:
Senior Human Resource Expert

  • Appropriate qualification in human resources and/or business management.
  • Knowledge of the BVI legislation relevant for human resources.
  •  More than 10 years relevant experience in human resource management.
  • Proven leadership experience in delivering complex tasks to tight timelines.

Human Resource Officer

  • More than two years human resources experience in the BVI.
  • Proven experience in drafting policies, procedures and contract templates.
  • More than two years relevant experience in a relevant field.