Reservoirs and Metering – Zion Hill and Carrot Bay

Repair 30 Homes


This project will be implemented by the Ministry of Transportation, Works and Utilities with support from the RDA. This has been fully funded by the Government of the Virgin Islands through the Caribbean Development Bank Recovery and Rehabilitation Loan. 

STATUS: Procurement Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour, and Immigration

Project Number: 145

Project Start Date: 2020

Projected End Date:  TBC

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The projects will include the provision of new water reservoirs, retaining walls and metering at three separate sites, Zion Hill, Carrot Bay and Long Bush. The works include demolition and site clearance and the construction of new bolted glass fused to steel corrosion resistant water tanks. This design allows for quick construction and minimal lifetime maintenance  costs and is one of the most advanced and long lasting technologies available for the storage of liquids.


The design which was produced by SWS out of Italy used world class modelling software to optimize tank sizing as well as the water distribution networks at Zion Hill, Carrot Bay and Long Bush in order to provide efficient and effective water delivery to those networks.


The design phase followed a thorough process of site investigation and modelling techniques which take into account, geological, geotechnical, hydrological, seismic and climatic conditions in order to determine the optimum design for the conditions or potential conditions to be found here in Tortola.


The work on this project will commence immediately following the signing of the contract


The work will start immediately providing a significant injection into the economy of the BVI and significant improvement to the water storage capacity at these three locations as well water distribution and leakage monitoring in the future.


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BUDGET: To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.