Sea Markers

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Being heavily reliant on imported goods that arrive by sea and with a tourism industry largely dependent on yacht charters, it is crucial to have a fully functioning navigational system in BVI waters.
The absence of sea markers is a potential hazard for commercial shipping and
missing markers in popular anchorages has put some destinations off-limits to charter tourists. Re-instating the sea markers is vital for safety at sea.


STATUS: Delivery Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Transportation, Works, and Utilities

Project Number: 136

Project Start Date: December 2018

Projected End Date: December 2019

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Led by the BVI Ports Authority and BVI Shipping Registry the RDA is implementing the replacement, and in some cases the repositioning, of navigational markers across the territory.


24 sea markers and 2 range lights will be installed, to mark safe access to bays and restricted access points to Trellis Bay, Red Bay (East End), Cane Garden Bay, White Bay (JVD) and North Sound, resulting in better safety at sea for all. The markers will ensure the safety of 1,900 vessels that enter the territory each year and the safety of 317,000 charter guests that tour the Virgin Islands at sea. Certain anchorages that have been restricted for charter tourists due to navigational constraints will be accessible again, thus enhancing their experience
of the destination.





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BUDGET:  To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.


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