AO Shirley Grounds Repairs

AO Shirley Ground Repairs

The AO Shirley grounds is a priority project to renovate the grounds to meet international accreditation standards as a Level 2 ground, to be able to host international events. This will require preparation of the track prior to the installation of the new track by the specialist company Mondo (funded by Panam), repairs to make the perimeter secure to boost income-generation from events, installation of bathroom facilities, installation of lights to allow events after dark, repair to the spectator stand (ideally with shade) and renovation of the clubhouse pavilion to provide meeting and changing facilities. This will be undertaken in a staged manner, to ensure the track is ready for use by athletes from early 2019, rising to meet the overall standard for Level 2 accreditation later in 2019. The detailed scoping of this project is underway, and this will shortly move towards implementation as a priority project.

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