Special debris Clearance

Repair 30 Homes


Despite initial clean-up immediately following the hurricanes, a significant amount of debris in the form of roofing, construction materials, vehicles and scrap metal remained scattered across all the islands. Removing the debris was key from an aesthetic and environmental perspective but more importantly, as a new hurricane season got underway, it was a matter of urgency to remove any debris that could become a dangerous projectile in high winds.

STATUS: Complete


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Health and Social Development

Project Number: 108

Project Start Date: August 2018

Projected End Date: TBC

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The RDA worked in partnership with the Department of Waste Management to deliver this project in support of the Department’s ongoing waste management work. Debris from 17 locations across the Virgin Islands. This consisted of placing bins in communities throughout Tortola, collecting and transporting waste from specific debris sites on Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada to Pockwood Pond, and providing heavy equipment to facilitate debris clearance at Pockwood Pond.


290 derelict vehicles and 920 cubic yards of scrap metal removed from Virgin Gorda. And 1,200 tons of debris were collected on Tortola.
A total of 7,000 cubic yards of debris were collected from across the islands, which has greatly contributed to returning the territory to its former beauty, and laid the foundations for the Virgin Islands to once again become an exclusive and desirable tourism destination.

Special Debris Clearance

Evaluating Value for Money

This report has been prepared as a test of the Value for Money Framework currently under review. The scoring methodology of the Framework has been used in assessing Value for Money and assigning a VfM Score to the Special Debris Clearance project.


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BUDGET:  $654,00.00

$563,000 received as a contribution from UK Government $42,000 from Bitter End Yacht Club and $42,000 from Unite BVI. Remainder from Government and also received in-kind support to this project.


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