The Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) is committed to collaborating with all arms of government, transparent in what we do and is focused on efficient and effective project delivery. Guided by our promises to the Government of the Virgin Islands and by extension the people of the Virgin Islands, which it serves, the procurement process will be thorough, quick and fair.

Following the decisions by our procurement team and pursuant to the Procurement Policy and General Procurement Procedures Section 2.10 Notification and Publication of Award, “Within two (2) weeks of receipt of the approval of award of a contract from the relevant Award Approval Authority, the Procurement Team shall prepare and transmit a Contract Award Summary to the competent designated authority for publication in the news media and on the appropriate RDA website. The information contained in the Contract Award Summary shall include: “The name and number of the contract; The method of procurement; The name of each tenderer that submitted a tender; and the name of the winning tenderer and the duration and summary scope of the contract awarded.”

The RDA will also be guided by the Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency Act, 2018 24. (1) which states, “Save as otherwise provided by law, a person shall not, without the consent of the Agency, disclose confidential information obtained by him or her while performing, or as a result of having performed, duties as (a) the member of the Board; (b) a member of staff of the Agency; (c) a member of a committee formed under this Act, or (d) a consultant or adviser of an employee of such person engaged by the Agency under this Act, unless he or she is duly authorised to do so.”

The Act guides us in section 24 (4) that “confidential information” includes (b) commercial information in relation to contractors, consultants, providers of finance, or any other person, and (c) proposals of a commercial nature or tenders submitted to the Agency by contractors, consultants, or any other person.”

Being guided by our instrument of appointment, the RDA will endeavor to respond to public and press questions as quickly and efficiently as possible and welcomes persons to send questions addressed to Mr. Paul Bayly, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency (RDA). Persons should clearly identify themselves and indicate the purpose for the information so that we are best able to determine how comprehensive the information provided must be.

Though a timeline is prescribed for the website publication of this information, the RDA will also aim to issue a press release soon as practicable, of all decisions once the contractors involved in the bidding process have been notified. Accurate and timely information will be also be available via social media at and at times, also on Instagram at rdabvi.

The RDA is committed to the Government of the Virgin Island’s rebuilding plan and communicating all as much information where possible.

This statement can be downloaded here: The Recovery and Development Agency Statement Regarding the Policy on the Sharing Results from the Procurement Process