Sunleaf Construction (Sunleaf) has been awarded the contract valued at 83,491.95 to repair the Perimeter Fence at the Anegada Recreation Ground.

Sunleaf Construction emerged as the successful tenderer from a total of seven submissions received by the Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency (RDA), acting on behalf of the lead Ministry for this project, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Fisheries and Agriculture.  Unite BVI provided the funding source for Anegada Recreation Ground project to the tune of $140,000.

Premier of the Virgin Islands and Minister of Finance Honourable Andrew A Fahie signed the contracts on behalf of Government on the Virgin Islands on 19 July, 2021.  His signature was witnessed by the Minister for Education, Culture, Youth Affairs, Fisheries and Agriculture Dr. the Honourable Natalio Wheatley.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the RDA, Anthony McMaster acknowledged the challenging time the Territory is facing, and the charge being led by Government to keep the Virgin Islands safe.  He stated that everyone must do their part and RDA will support Government in staying safe and takes the opportunity to keep the economy of the Territory moving forward.

“This project is very significant to the people of Anegada as it continues to enhance the sporting facilities and provide a safe recreation space,” the RDA CEO said, adding, “It is a pleasure to work with Sunleaf Construction who was successful in the RDA’s competitive bidding process.”

Barry Jones, Project Manager with Sunleaf Construction, in his congratulatory remarks thanked the Government of the Virgin Islands and the RDA for the opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding of the Territory.

“It is always encouraging when the Government and its subsidiaries can provide avenues for small businesses to play an integral part in the territory’s continuous development,” Jones said.

He continued, “Sunleaf Construction Ltd believes in community awareness. With this project, our directors have ensured that small businesses and other resourceful persons in Anegada will also benefit.”

Oswyne Wilson, Manager at Sunleaf Construction signed on behalf of the company. The fencing repair works are set to commence later this month and expected to last approximately three months. 

Major works to be executed on the project include the construction of a chain-link fence, gates and picket fence design on an existing concrete wall. Sunleaf shall construct approximately 559 linear yds of fencing, of which four hundred and sixteen linear yards will be chain-link fence and one hundred and forty-three linear yards will be a picket design on top of the existing concrete structure. 

The is the second activity to take place on the Anegada Recreation Ground.  In April, the RDA completed the rubberized resurfacing of the Anegada Basketball Court which was executed by local firm Alternative Concrete Solutions Ltd. valued at 94,423.00.

The repair works to the Perimeter Fencing of the Anegada Recreation Ground will focus of the restoration of the facility to prevent further deterioration and protect any future investment.  It fulfils a mission of the RDA to support the Government of the Virgin Islands in repairing critical infrastructure following the devastating effects of the 2017 trio.


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