Temporary Housing

Repair 30 Homes


Several persons and families remain displaced and are living in temporary housing or tents. Many of these are living without running water, electricity or

The temporary housing project involves building temporary homes (domes) for four of the most vulnerable households and installing utilities (plumbing, sanitation, drainage and electricity) in these. Additionally, the project will provide 11 other households with utilities they have been living without.


STATUS: Delivery Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Health and Social Development

Project Number: 154

Project Start Date: November 2018

Projected End Date: January 2020

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The RDA was tasked with identifying and procuring the most appropriate temporary housing option, planning and installation of the temporary homes. These, along with a number of other vulnerable households, will be connected to electrical and water supplies and sanitation.


Four households will be provided with temporary homes and connected to electrical, water and sanitation systems. Eleven other families or individuals will have utilities installed in their temporary homes that they were previously lacking.


One of the core roles of the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) is ensuring Value for Money (VfM) in the delivery of programmes and projects aimed toward recovery and development of the Virgin Islands.



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BUDGET: To be released once planning for the project has been finalised.

Unite BVI have contributed $150,000 . Private donor has personally contributed $24,000.


Here you can find a collection of media for the Temporary Homes project, such as photos, videos, and publications.