VHF Trunking Network Design and Build

VHF Trunking Network

Establish a fully inter-operable and resilient VHF network for security, DDM and Emergency Services with training package to support resilient inter-agency communications and improved coordination.

Earlier in 2018 the UK Government purchased VHF radios and made repairs to the repeater network. There has also been substantial work already done between the Governor’s Office, the Emergency Services (within Ministry of Health and Social Development), RVIPF and the Department of Disaster Management to scope the needs for a more resilient and wider geographical coverage. The aim is to work towards a system of communications that includes all emergency services and security agencies to promote improved inter-agency communications to foster improved coordination. The aim is to move towards a fully trunked communication system over the long-term. The design will need to take account of this requirement and where possible build on the previous investments in the system to offer greatest value for money. The RDA will need to recruit a technical expert to design the VHF system, based on what already exists and the geography of the Virgin Islands to deliver against this identified functional requirement. The expert will need to undertake a detailed assessment and then draft the detailed project scoping documentation required to secure this system.

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