Virgin Gorda Police Station

Repair 30 Homes


The purpose is to return the Virgin Gorda Police Barracks to a fully functional state with police able to deploy required numbers from Tortola. A key outcome will be for the police to be able to sleep personnel on Virgin Gorda to ensure a shift system can be effectively managed and to enable the pre-disposition of resources key to disaster preparedness ahead of the 2019 hurricane season.



Ministry Partner: Governor’s Group

Project Number: 182

Project Start Date: September 2018

Projected End Date: August 2019

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Extensive repairs to the roof, windows and doors, internal refurbishments, electricity supply and plumbing have been completed.








The refurbished police barracks means that the police station on Virgin Gorda can be staffed continuously, to protect the safety and security of the 3,930 residents of Virgin Gorda, and pre-deploy officers able to operate in the event of a disaster.


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BUDGET:  $902,902

$339,799 received as a contribution from UK Government .


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