Virgin Gorda Sports Complex Repairs

Repair 30 Homes


Following the hurricanes Virgin Gorda residents lost a valued recreational space.
Damage to the Jeffrey Caines Sports Arena, which housed a basketball and volleyball court,
and had previously been a centre for community and sporting events, rendered it unusable. The flooring was destroyed, most of the panels on the building were lost and the steel structure had begun to rust. Repairs to the building and a whole new court floor were required.

STATUS: Delivery Underway


Ministry Partner: Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth Affairs.

Project Number: 151

Project Start Date: January 2019

Projected End Date: October 2019

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To remove rust and paint the steel structure, replace the cladding and install a new sports court, in order to give Virgin Gorda’s young people a community recreation space and functioning sports facility.


Construction work on the sports complex is currently underway and by the end of October 2019, 3,930 Virgin Gorda residents will have access to a completely refurbished sports complex.






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BUDGET:  $954,203.00


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