Legislation & Policies

Heart of the RDA

This Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) Procurement Policy is to be used to provide guidance and support for the procurement of goods, works and services for the recovery of the Virgin Islands and applies to all procurement carried out by the RDA. The application of this policy may be used as an example of best practice across the region for procurement in the context of recovery and development.  

British Virgin Islands Recovery to Development Plan
Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency Act

The Audit and Risk Committee.

The Recovery and Development Agency Board established the Audit and Risk Committee to provide oversight of the RDA’s governance, risk management and internal controls. To assist the Committee in carrying out its mandate, the Internal Audit Activity was created to provide independent assurance on the effectiveness of governance processes, risk management and internal controls. Taken together, the work of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Internal Auditor demonstrates the Agency’s seriousness about achieving its mission to implement the Recovery and Development Plan (RDP). The Audit and Risk Committee Charter and the Internal Audit Charter will provide the relevant structures that will guide the Committee and the Internal Audit Department, respectively.

The Audit and Risk Committee charter sets out the authority of the Audit and Risk Committee to carry out the responsibilities established for it by the board as articulated within the audit committee charter.

The Internal Audit Charter is a formal document that defines internal audit’s purpose, authority, responsibility and position within an organisation.