Our Story

        Who are we?


The Virgin Islands Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) was established in 2018 by the Government of the Virgin Islands as a transparent and accountable specialist project implementation agency to respond to the unique challenges faced by the Territory following the extreme weather events of 2017. The RDA is a statutory body, set up under Virgin Island’s legislation, that works hand in hand with Ministries to deliver projects under the Recovery to Development Plan (RDP) – the Government’s ambitious plan for recovery and development that has been approved by the House of Assembly.


The devastating hurricanes of 2017 caused immense economic loss and damage ($3.6bn) to the Virgin Islands. This represents more than 3 years of economic activity (GDP) or almost ten times annual government revenue. This is an extraordinary generational challenge that the Virgin Islands faces. The Government established the RDA as a specialist agency with the capability that is solely focused to deal with this immense challenge. The RDA has been established to work with the ministries to both build back the Territory’s infrastructure and to build up the capacity of our people.

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About the Virgin Islands Recovery

Why do we need to build back quickly?


We need to regenerate and secure the economic future of the Virgin Islands, to bolster the tourist offering, manage the challenges faced in the financial services sector and to support emerging economic sectors, such as fishing and agriculture. We also need to make sure the Virgin Islands is ready for when there is another significant natural disaster. We are not ready now, if such an event was to occur. It is primarily for this reason we must all work together expeditiously, alongside businesses, communities and people, to ensure we are ready. This recovery must, and will take place, in a way that respects the customs and the environment that we all cherish so dearly, and that make the Virgin Islands unique.

What does this mean for me?


The recovery must be ambitious to meet the needs of the people of the Virgin Islands, whatever their stage in life. For our youth, we must start thinking about providing jobs for tomorrow in advanced resilient infrastructure and new technology-driven opportunities; good, well-paying jobs. For those at the end of their careers this means ensuring their social needs are met, including for the most vulnerable. The Virgin Islands competes in the international market and we will continue to face challenges to our economy, such as in the financial services industry, that means we must think hard about the opportunities we want our young people to enjoy, while ensuring our elderly are well looked after.

Mission and Vision


Working with the Government of the Virgin Islands, the Recovery and Development Agency will raise investment to implement the recovery and development of the Virgin Islands, delivering value for money and developing national capacity, in order to realise the vision of the RDP.


This vision is for the BVI to become a model for building stronger, smarter, greener and better, fostering a vibrant and innovative economy, cohesive and empowered society, nurtured and sustainable environment, resilient infrastructure, good governance and a high quality of life for all.

The Disasters

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful storm ever recorded in Atlantic hurricane history. The BVI bore the brunt of Irma’s devastation with its eye passing over the Territory on September 6th, 2017 with sustained winds of 185 miles per hour gusting to 215 miles per hour.

The hurricane and flood disasters of 2017 caused more than $2.6bn of damage and loss to the Virgin Islands.

Following the immediate response to the disasters, the Government of the Virgin Islands established the Recovery and Development Agency as a tailor-made capability to support the Government to deliver the longer-term recovery and development of the Virgin Islands. The Agency was established by the government in order to guide an effective, efficient, transparent recovery process, and to implement the Recovery and Development Plan. This site is the official source of information for all matters related to the BVI’s recovery.