The British Virgin Islands does not currently have a national Safeguarding policy.  This was identified back in 2006 and the BVI have been leading an ambitious programme since 2017 to produce such policy and strategy since then which culminated in a draft national action plan in 2017 to produce such policy and strategy.  The Ministry of Health and Social Development are the lead Ministry for the completion of this programme and therefore they should be the first point of contact for further development and questions relating to the care and protection of young and vulnerable people.  This policy is designed to provide a framework from which to operate in order to protect those in society who are at most risk and should be updated once the BVI policy is completed.

This document cannot be totally comprehensive and, if there is any doubt, advice should always be sought from the Designated Safeguarding Officer who may seek further guidance from the Ministry of Health and Social Development.  It is the responsibility of everyone to deliver the safeguarding of young and vulnerable people.

Within this policy where reference is made to children or young people this is also to include all vulnerable individuals irrespective of age. This policy applies to all staff, including senior managers and the board, paid staff, volunteers and sessional workers, agency staff, students or anyone working on behalf of the Recovery and Development Agency.