The October 2020 Monthly Report, produced by our Monitoring and Evaluation Team, contains status updates of projects during that month, as well as news on planning, policy and communications.

Work continued in earnest on RDA implemented CDB projects, including the VG Admin Buildings, Bregado Flax Educational Centre – Secondary Building, and the Road and Water Infrastructure projects. Of particular note in terms of project progress, October saw continued progress on road works at the Great Mountain 1 site, with the retaining wall completed and backfilled; and contracts signed for other road work sites, including Great Mountain 2, Ballast Bay/Windy Hill, Bob’s Gas Station, and Little Dix Hill.

Community meetings were held to sensitise the public and receive feedback on the ongoing and upcoming road infrastructure works across the Territory. Also in October, Deeds of Contribution from the VI and UK Governments were signed, funding works which have begun on the completion of the Road Town Police Station.

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